Thursday, August 20, 2009

Oh yo, sweet world!

Hi, everybody. Nobody? Somebody? Is this silly? But silly is good, or okay anyway. So, I guess, here goes.
A few days ago I was seized by a unexpected carpe diem attitude, a desire to re-watch Dead Poets Society, and to re-read a certain oft-quoted part of Walden central to said film, all of which, I confess, is rather unlike me as usually, no matter how beautiful, the above things succeed in making my stomach churl. However, at the time, I was enchanted. I resolved that every day I would try something new. This resolution came most probably from the feeling of uselessness which sitting around all summer reading books and going on facebook day after day after day brings about so skillfully. I was three days in, my accomplishments were not momentous; I had tried Dunkin' Donuts' new grape coolada, learned how to grout bathroom tiles and sewn the hem of a skirt. The fourth day was drawing to a close. I had no way of leaving my house. And so I made this blog. True, it was just another way of being on the internet, and, given, it probably would (and look at that it did) end up being about books, both tried old enjoyments of mine, but it was something, and I figured that something was always a good thing with which to start.
This may have been, or sounded to be, incredibly pretentious, and I'm sorry. I've never written a blog before. But hey I'm trying. So here goes. Thoreau, I hope your happy.

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